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toohighcantcomedown asked: Are your eyes really that green?

For the most part. Some days they are more of a hazel. 


by Tony Midi

Anonymous asked: Are you a boy or a girl?

I am a girl. : )

MWM Graphics | Matt W. Moore
The Marionette - Lorenzo Sperlonga

 Exaltation series, Désirée Dolron

Jeff Soto
Jasper Goodall Illustrations

Echidna Penis -


Echidnas have four penile heads, called rosettes…

Anonymous asked: Do you watch Game of Thrones ooh it's so good. Dexter was perfect until the last episode lol. What else: )?

I do watch Game Of Thrones & did watch Dexter. I also watch Vikings, The Vampire Diaries, PLL, Supernatural, The Following, Bates Motel, Hannibal, Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Greys Anatomy, The Originals, Those Who Kill, Haven, American Horror Story, Revenge…well the list could go on & on but those are some of my faves. I am a bit of a tv junkie! I also watch alot of reality shows. 


"without cracks in the pavement the city cannot breathe"

i love this 

Anonymous asked: Can we talk about tv shows

Sure! I love my TV shows.

photography by Kelly Angard